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Slowly Rebuilding

After encountering some issues with Movable Type 3.01, I decided to shift back to Movable Type 2.661; I'm a little more comfy with it and I know it works. The good bit is, I've discovered that Marcus' new server is lightning-quick when it comes to rebuilding the website (and doing any standard functions, for that matter).

The bad news is that the file-copy I made doesn't work; you can't copy an old installation of MT over a fresh one, even if the two are of the same version. So, I've asked (read: begged) Marcus to make the old server available on the web, so I can get my old MT installation to export all my old entries up to before the migration (the most recent export I have is from January). With any luck, both Vickie's and my web logs should be back in full operating order by next weekend.

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