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I think I mentioned on one of my more recent posts (which isn't available at the moment) that Mitch Evans, the owner and operator of Doc's Blog, was planning a Play-By-Forum RPG (the forum in question being the one on his site). He finally decided to set the game in the universe of Joss Whedon's short-lived science fiction TV show, Firefly.

Having never seen Firefly (it never aired in Australia), I figured I might be at a disadvantage, until Gav mentioned that not only was the DVD boxed set of the series available in Australia, but that he'd bought a copy. Gav brought it with him Sunday week ago when he dropped over to house-sit for Vickie and I while we nipped off to the Hunter Valley for a holiday, and we managed to squeeze the two-hour pilot, "Serenity", in while we were doing the last of our preparations. We liked what we saw so much that I bought the whole boxed set after we got back from the Hunter.

Vickie and I have watched the whole series through. I have to wholeheartedly recommend this to any sci-fi nut out there. It's well-done and has a fantastic sense of humour. It's what you would probably have got if you crossed a Star Wars: Millenium Falcon - The TV Series with a western.

As mentioned, Joss Whedon and his team only managed to produce fourteen episodes before Fox pulled the series prematurely (only ten of them actually saw air). However, there's still enough interest in it to warrant Universal committing to a full-length feature film starring all the original cast and directed by Joss. Serenity is due to hit the big screen early next year.

I'm definitely looking forward to Mitch's PBF.

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Good luck with the blog rebuilding. I'm a regular reader, and I would hate to see all the old stuff thrown away.
Take care!