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RIP Anne Farquhar

Most of the IMAGinewS group and my close friends already know about this, but I figured it was about time I posted something on the website.

Early yesterday morning, my Mum Anne died in her sleep.

We have no idea what took her. She was strong and healthy up until about a week ago, when she came down with something that seemed a combination of the flu and a migraine. I spoke with Mum on the phone on Tuesday, trying to figure out a Dad's Day present for Dad. She mentioned that she was in bed with the flu, but otherwise seemed quite fine; I figured Mum was well on her way to recovery.

It seems Mum took a turn fo the worse on Thursday night. She was up all night and finaly got to bed when Dad got up to take the dogs out for their Friday morning walk. When he got back in, she'd already gone.

I think those of you who had the chance to meet her know what a strong lady my Mum was; she was fun to know, a fellow science fiction nerd and totally in love with my Dad, who returned that love without reservation. Needless to say, Dad's in pieces right now.

I'm doing okay at the moment. Vickie and I went to Mum & Dad's as soon as we could after getting the news, and I got to see Mum and say a good-bye before the coroner removed the body. I think the rest will come out at the funeral.

Thank you to everyone who's been in touch with condolences and best wishes.

I love her. I miss her.

[UPDATE 8 December:] After three months of waiting, Dad finally got a report back form the coroner, who's given cause of death as a form of pneumonia.

To say Dad's angry is an understatement; Mum saw visited a doctor once a week before she died and once again within twenty-four hours of her death. Neither visit picked up any indication of fluid in the lungs. It seems that either the doctor made a mistake or the coroner has given an incorrect cause of death.

Dad's going to pursue it.

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