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Evil Genius

Here's a little something (well, I suppose 194 megabytes isn't exactly small) I downloaded and tried this evening. It's the demo for a PC game called Evil Genius. Basically, it takes the course-building gameplay of SimGolf and throws in some Austin Powers kitsch, turning it into SimWelcomeToMyUndergroundLair. You're an Evil Genius bent on global domination, and you just can't bring the free world to its knees without a base to do your plotting and scheming from.

The first stage shown off in the demo quite a bit of fun. Base building is pretty easy, as is minion and henchman management. I had a little trouble with training at first, but fixed that once I made a sizeable training facility. There's a whimsical sense of humour saturating this game - after all, how many other minions include the Moonwalk in their interrogatory repertoire?

Evil Genius hits shelves soonish, and I wouldn't mind gettng my mitts on it. Still, there's also Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, which is doing the rounds with Boots, Dan, Gav and myself at the moment, and Halo 2 on their way. Oh, the agony of a limited budget...

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