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The Rebuilding Process

Well, all of our previous web logs are now back up and in something resembling operating order again. I've brought across all of Vickie's old content and made it available, and am working on mine now.

There's still a bit of work to be done, though. Quite a bit, in fact. Getting the category and monthly archive pages looking the way they were is turning out to be a pain. I'll have to go over the HTML structure of my backed-up archives to figure out how I set it up previously.

Speraking of back-ups - as Marcus and I are still having problems getting the old server accessible, it looks as though I'm going to have to re-enter each post prior to the move manually. Now, I won't have to re-type everything, but I will have to do quite a bit of copying and pasting, especially when I have around four hundred old posts that need to come back across.

You'll probably notice that there are only six posts total on this blog at the moment. This is because I made several drastic changes between the January export (which I used to populate the blog after I installed Movable Type on Marcus' new server) and the backup I did prior to the move, and I think it'll be easier to just do the copy and paste job rather than try to figure out which posts I kept and which I didn't.

I still want to implement the combined comment/trackback listing for the individual post archives that Mitch Evans provided.

I'll most likely start making inroads into this over the next week. I have one more day of leave before I go back to work, and Vickie and I will probably be spending it sorting things out around the house (heck, the lawn is starting to demand a mow).

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If there's *any* way to get back to the old movable type maintenance screens, you can export the entire contents of your directory, including trackbacks & comments. I did it when I moved my blog.

Let me know if you can get to the MT screens, and I can walk you through it.


Thanks for the thought, Doc. I'm familiar with the entry-exporting process; it's just that I forgot/neglected to do it before Marcus took his old server offline (the week before the move turned into one hell of a week, and I didn't want to be anywhere near my PC during it).

With all the rebuilding work I've just done it's looking less necessary to get to the MT admin screens on the old server, although it'd still make my life so much easier; I still have around 350 old entries that I'll otherwise have to bring over manually.