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The End of the Splurging - I Hope...

Well, folks, after swearing off it, I must confess - I'm guilty of credit card abuse again. Just yesterday, I splurged on a copy of the D20 mini-RPG Horizon: Virtual, the closest thing to a TRON roleplaying game I've ever seen. It's got a really intersting spin on the "other side of the screen" concept, and as it's meant to use the D&D rules, the gameplay focus has a little D&D flavour to it, but I'd still like to run it sometime.

And as I've been splurging on myself, I figured it was about time I splurged on Vickie; I bought us two tickets to see British comedian Lenny Henry at the State Theatre on August the 2nd. He's bringing his new live show, So Much Things To Say (which opened in the UK just after we left last year) to Australia and is kicking the tour off in Perth, then going around the nation and buggering off to New Zealand. We have two seats in the front row! Woohoo!

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