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Birthday Burnout

Hello everyone. The server was down yesterday, so Iím sneaking in during my lunch break to post this. Vickie and I had a very relaxing weekend in Ė well, for most of it, anyway. I finally broke down and had my usual post-birthday splurge, which I hope is the last time I abuse my poor, overworked credit card in such a fashion. Vickie and I went grocery shopping on Saturday, and discovered that the paperback of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is finally out, so we bought that at Borders for $10; while I was there I also nabbed all eight of the Calvin & Hobbes collections that were going cheap (discounted and 4 for the price of 3). We missed some supplies on Saturday, so I nipped out again on Sunday Ė and discovered there was a ninth collection of Calvin & Hobbes on the Borders cheap book stalls on the lower floor of the shopping centre. (Iíll give you the list after I get home; so far Iíve laughed my way through Something Under the Bed is Drooling.)

As the Electronics Boutique sale wound up yesterday, I caved in to may baser desires and nabbed Burnout 2: Point of Impact, a fun little arcade racing game going for half price. Itís sort of a less-accurate-to-real-life but no less pretty Project Gotham Racing with emphasis on reckless driving and spectacular crashes. Itís a blast to play solo, but Iíve been looking for a game like this ever since I noticed the most fun had on the Xbox with people over was on games like Rallisport Challenge when we suddenly veered into jackass mode and sent our cars careening into each other and flying off the track; the only problem was, the cars would reset themselves back on the racetrack in short order, so you couldnít see the good bit (i.e. when the cars landed). Halo was almost as good, except the Warthog is indestructible and there are never enough to go around. In short, I canít wait to get some of you nuts over for some multiplayer Burnout 2.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I finally got Vickie to watch Chicken Run on Saturday night. I've mentioned it during the odd trip to Video Ezy and Vickie's never been really keen, but Channel 7 had it on on Saturday and I made sure the channel didn't get changed. Mission successful; we both laughed our way through it. :-D

Yesterday evening, Vickie and I braved the blistering cold and headed off to Broadway for Bootís Birthday Bash. As most of his friends refuse to venture north of the Bridge (which is why my party at the Greengate wasnít a combined function as originally planned), he decided to bring his party to them in the form of a movie session at the Broadway Hoyts Cinema. (If some of them are reading this, I have only this to say: you slack, slack buggers.) So Vickie and I trudged down Broadway all rugged up and still feeling the wind chill. I say this now: Thatís the last time we do that! Still, it wasnít all bad; we bumped into Ben Lucas on the way, so Vickie finally got to meet the guy whom Iíve been talking about for a while (even if only for a couple of minutes, as he was heading back up toward Central for a train home).

The movie of choice was King Arthur. I want to scribble a review sometime in the next couple of days, so Iíll give you the short version Ė It wasnít bad, not really, but it wasnít particularly good either. Still, we did have three-quarters of an hour at the Lansdowne Hotel afterward, which was fun; we got to meet some more of Boots' mates, including the infamous Kane, and caught up with most of the Corsairs crew. (Next time, Boots: bugger the movie and skip straight to the pub! ;-D )

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