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City Vs. Town

I mentioned about a week ago that I've started working in the city again. It's been an interesting change from the usual working day at the main office near Strathfield. If you know me, you probably know that my first full-time IT job was located in the city, so there's a fair bit of deja vu in being back there again for IT stuff.

I tell you what, though - after a week of being back in the city, I've realised I prefer being back at the main office. There's the contrast in office buildings - the city office is in a building that must have gone up in the seventies (I assume). It feels small and cramped, even if the head-room isn't much different in either - it's mainly because every metre of window is broken up by a metre of wall. Most of the light comes from the fluorescents in the ceiling. By contrast, the main office external walls are mostly window, so there's a greater portion of natural light, and although they can still be crowded, the glass, the colour scheme (muted blues as opposed to the city's beiges and yellows) and the layout makes the main office feel much more spacous, even in the places where it's not.

Then there's the location itself. I really think I prefer being out of the city. When you step outside for a stroll (necessary when you spend most of your day with yoru arse parked in front of a PC), you can walk down the main street of an actal town, without being surrounded by fellow rat-racers in suits and glitzy stores with expensive items, or if you don't want to walk that way, you can take the roads off the main street, which are just quiet residential. If you want to try that in the city, all you get are back alleys, garbage bins and and shadows. Not nice.

So frankly, when (if) this project's all over, I'm gonna look forward to getting back to working out of the main office, ta very much.

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