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Peat of the Sants GMing

Just over the past day or two, I've been thinking about the two Memento Mori Theatricks games I own, InSpectres and octaNe. Whenever I pick them up, I read the bits about how they can be run without need of a pre-written adventure; players and GM improvising ideas as they go, as it were. I've never quite felt comfortable with that concept, and I always plan to write adventures for them - but lately, I've been tending toward the mindset of the books. Sometime soon, I'd like to get a bunch of people over - or even go over someone's place with the InSpectres/octaNe kit - and just create characters and run an adventure out of pretty much nothing but the PC details and perhaps an idea or two. I think it'd be heaps of fun.

Old Comments

I've done this with InSpectres, as my second attempt at GMing. I was going to run for some friends. We were having dinner and watching videos, and the video sucked so I took them through the rules and character creation instead. I was going to stop there, but decided to have a quick little mission instead. So I threw on a heroic expression, said "give me 5 minutes alone" and set about putting something together. I used the job generation table in the book, so the other 4 minutes 30 seconds was mainly used for refining the heroic expression. However, afterwards the players didn't believe that I'd done so little. They came up with lots of good ideas, and I keep pushing them on creativity and it was lots of fun.

The set up of characters and Franchise, if you do it as a group, pretty much creates a plentiful source of plot, and the game just needs a starting point to get going.

I haven't read octaNe, but if it's the same as InSpectres in this way, then I might get it. I much prefer not pre-planning adventures, but it makes my players a little uncomfortable. I don't think they think that a brand new GM should be comfortable flying by the seat of their pants, but I find my own creativity and people management to be a much more comforting safety net than my ability to stick to planned out things. I know I suck at the latter, and the former is fun.

Posted by: Claire Bickell at July 4, 2004 10:21 AM

Hello, Claire! Thanks for stopping by!

octaNe and InSpectres are rather different. Jaredís d6-based iSystem mechanic is fully present, but Ė believe it or not Ė itís even more simple than InSpectres.

Where InSpectres uses its play structure and the Franchise mechanics to create and/or aid plot, octaNe takes a more standard RPG approach by providing a setting and Feng Shui-style character templates. However, itís a nice, cut-down, back-to-extreme-basics, play-as-you-want type of setting, and the templates are all only half a page long. If you and your players have read the Chapter 1 .pdf on the octaNe website and have watched some of the films on the Inspirado list, you should have no problems.

Posted by: IMAGinES at July 4, 2004 11:27 AM

I'm in!!!!!

(and I' can't do weeknights)

Posted by: Lauren at July 5, 2004 04:44 PM

Don't worry, Lauren; the only weeknight I'd consider doing is Friday!

I'd almost be tempted to bring octaNe and a few six-siders with me on Sunday, but I'm not that silly.

Posted by: IMAGinES at July 5, 2004 07:08 PM
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