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Back In The Big City

Hi, everyone. Thanks to a series of workshops, it looks as though I'm going to be working in the city again for all of next week. We're trying to hash out process for a major project in the works, so they're getting everyone together at a central location near the client. I've been there the past three work days already, and before you ask, no, I haven't gone browsing the game stores yet; we've been finishing later than five most days, and as we were only given a storage space for our laptops on Thursday night, I've been lugging the heavy equipment in and out.

As a result, I've also had even less impetus to write my entry for the Lexicon thsi turn. The deadline's already been blown, and we've gone past the day that a full-turn extension would have ended on. Out of boredom, Sim started playing with the Fortune Cookies page on the Wiki, a page that gets used as a repository for random quotes. It was such a good idea that not only did I start putting some aphorisms in, but I also set a Random Quote macro up on the Wiki's front page, so that every time it loads, a different aphorism is selected from the list. I wound up sourcing quotes from Buckaroo Banzai, Shawn Mullins' Soul's Core album, H. G. Wells and even an aphorism Vickie came up with this very evening!

So if you know a decent quote, why not create yourself a Wiki log in, familiarise yourself with the Wiki formatting, practise in the sand box and add one to the Fortune Cookies page?

Tomorrow Vickie and I are going to see whether we can squeeze two admissions to Spider-Man 2 out of our meagre funds. It should be fun!

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