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RPG Plot Resources

I've been meaning to mention two web pages that have come in handy recently when planning the Corsairs campaign out. The first is S. John Ross' Big List of RPG Plots. It's a nifty little resource that summarises almost every plot that's been used in an RPG module, complete with the most common plot twists and general themes.

The second is a posting on Gamescribe's LiveJournal about Adventure Axioms and Campaign Construction. Several have already compared it to S. John's Big List (although I have the feeling Gamescribe came to his conclusions independently of it), but really, it's a distillation of the ideas within the Big List into their absolute basics.

At the moment, I'm using the Axioms to come up with an episode plan for the campaign, with the intention of referring to the Big List when it comes time to flesh out the individual episodes for play. I think these articles will also come in handy when I start doing other stuff, like maybe that Feng Shui campaign I've had brewing for ages (which would really benefit from some episodic planning).

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