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Game Dream #1: Voice

My response to the inaugural Game Dream:

    When Role Playing Games are discussed, the subject of first-person versus third-person character narratives sometimes surfaces. When you play a character, do you assume first-person, using your voice as his or hers, or do you use third person, simply describing what he or she is doing?

When in-conversation in character, I always use first person. Most of my describing character actions are in first person, unless I’m discussing specifics of action, or when the action enters the mechanics level (“Okay, Slamdance’s CV is 8 and he’s performing a Move By, so that means his OCV is…”).

    Do you switch between first and third person, or try to adhere to one?

Most of the time I adhere to first-person as a matter of course. I find third-person is useful when discussing character details or mechanics (as above).

    When other players are in character, does the use of first or third person affect your immersion in the game?

I tend not to pay any specific attention; I believe most if not all of them use first-person right the way through.

Old Comments

Sounds like you all have your collective acts together :) As long as something isn't "grating" it shouldn't jar you out of character.

We do find, as your outlined above, that discussions of mechanics tend to break first person (and immersion). Makes me want to try a diceless game :)


Posted by: Doccus at June 29, 2004 03:54 AM
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