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Pitch Black Pre-Riddick

Iíve been talking a fair bit about DVD showings lately. Thereís the instantly-popular Red Vs. Blue Day, of course, and then thereís the not-quite-so-popular Battlestar Galactica showings I keep doing. Recently, though, thereís been some talk of doing another DVD showing at my place.

Now, I think itís a fair bet that you know how keen I am on the upcoming SF film, The Chronicles of Riddick. Itís come to my attention that some of you havenít seen Pitch Black, the film that Chronicles is the sequel to. Itís also come to my attention that some of you would actually like to see Pitch Black before Chronicles hits the big screen.

Now, letís make no bones about it; Pitch Black is a suspense thriller in the mould of Aliens, which means itís probably not a good choice if you canít stand monsters-lurking-in-the-shadows tension. This is why Vickie doesnít like it, so if I do have a get-together for ití itíll probably be on an evening that Vickieís working.

Also, as I donít actually own Pitch Black (Iím waiting until the Special Editions hit the shelves prior to Riddick), Iíll have to get it out from the video store beforehand.

So if I get Pitch Black out for, say, the fourth week of June (Sat 19th - Fri 25th) whoís interested in seeing it at our place on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night?

Oh, and while weíre on the topic of The Chronicles of Riddick: Check this out. I'm hankerin' for it.

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