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DVD Days and Long Weekends

I thought that after the last couple of postings on very specific topics, Iíd get back to a general news update. First off, good news: Trent dropped Red Vs. Blue Season One off earlier this week. (Thanks for stopping by, Trent, and we really ought to see you again soon!) Yes, this means thereís going to have to be a Red Vs. Blue Day soon. I know Sim and Mad John are keen, and Sim reckons she can rustle up at least a few others. How about the rest of you?

Iíve had another expression of interest in the new Battlestar Galactica. John T from work wants to borrow the DVD, but frankly, I want to use it as an excuse to get him out of his house; itís been ages since Vickie saw him. The little Boots saw of BG before Heavy Gear a couple of weeks ago has whet his interest, although as has been previously mentioned, heís head-down-bum-up with uni work for the time being. Again, anyone else interested?

Vickie and I had a nice evening in Burwood tonight; Vickie finally got to meet my manager Allison and her partner Tim, and we had a good couple of hours at a lounge bar close to work. Weíd like to see more of them, especially Tim, whom Iíve hardly seen anything of since his contract went up. Iím being pretty successful in getting him keen on Battlefield 1942; the only problem is that he canít find a copy anywhere!

So whatís happening on the long weekend? Well, Danís running the next session of Bubblegum Crisis tomorrow night, and itíll be the first game since I bought the Hero System 5th Edition rulebook; itíll be fun to actually play using the rules. Vickie and I are planning to see Van Helsing on Sunday night, and weíd be at EvilHayama & Pirotessí Housewarming (or even seeing the Bodacious Cowboys at the Darling Harbour Jazz Festival) on Monday if not for the extensive trackwork CityRail has laid on this weekend fucking things up. (Vickieís also working during the day.)

Speaking of jazz, might I have a moment of silence for the passing of Ray Charles today.

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