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Closing Down Comment Spam and MT3.0

Yesterday and today, I've been adding the news history from the old IMAGinES website files to this web log. As of this writing, I've done as far back as May 2002, which means I have about seven months to go. It's been good catching up on what's been happening over the past couple of years. What I've done while putting those comments up, though, is switching the Comments option for each post to "None". This way, I won't have comment-spam on all the older posts that no-one's likely to comment on anyway; I've noticed that most posts older than a few months don't get any new "real" comments.
I'm also going over the existing comments that have gone up in the meantime and switching the Comments option from "Open" to "Closed". My plan is that, whenever a new month begins, I'll close comments on all posts from four months beforehand; being in June 04 at the moment, I'm closing everything from February 04 and earlier. A while ago, I mentioned looking at Movable Type 3.0 as an option for eliminating comment spam. That started changing when Six Apart announced their new licensing structure for MT. Now, you know me; if someone wants to charge me to use their work, I'm more than willing to pay,and if not, I don't bother taking and/or using the given work. But - let me explain: At the moment I have four web logs running on Marcus' server, and although I have eight registered authors, only two actually post at all. If I were to go by current active usage, I'd have to fork out US$50 (AU$70) to cover it - that's the Introductory Price for a "5 Weblogs, 5 Authors" licence minus the US$20 I've already donated to get IMAGinES on the "Recently Updated" list. If I were to actually take my Black Talon authors into consideration, though, I'd have to bump that up to US$80 (AU$115) to buy three more Author licenses. And that's assuming I can get in before they drop the Introductory Prices; after that the cost of a "5 Weblogs, 5 Authors" licence minus the US$20 I've already donated goes up to US$80 (AU$115). This feels like a bit of a slug in the teeth. I can understand a need to cover development and support of the application, but is US$80 really needed for a non-commercial, private-use weblog that you want your friends (and not many friends, at that) to be able to post to? I can, of course, stay with MT2.661 at no charge, which is looking like a tempting option right now. Even though my June payday is coming up, I have other things that the money really needs to go on. Like bills.
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