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Obligatory First of June Posting

Itís the first of June already. I swear, it feels like we should still be in February. Time has no right to rush past like itís doing, I tell you. I havenít been having that much fun! Ö or have I? Maybe Iím a masochistÖ

Iíve mentioned in previous posts that the week of Saturday, May the 22nd to Friday, may the 28th was the week from hell. That neglects the high points, though. On Thursday evening, Vickie and I got together with Pierre, Jane and their two youngsters at the Blackbird Cafť in Cockle Bay Wharf. We did, of course, forget our camera Ė actually, I believe we didnít even think of taking the camera along in the first place Ė so we have no pictures. Nonetheless, it was a good night out, and it was great catching up with Pierre and meeting his family for the first time!

Iíve also been doing my part for Battlefield Australia; one bloke at work, who owns Battlefield 1942, has expressed interest in hooking up for a game or two, so I told him about Wednes[DA] and the web site, so hopefully weíll have one more along for tomorrow evening! On Friday I also mentioned Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam to my bossí husband, whoís also a bit of an FPS nut; he doesnít own the games, so weíll see whether he picks them up soon.

The next Black Talon session was on Saturday night; you can find a GMís post-mortem here. You'll notice that the main page has been re-named; after some debate and ideas going back and forth, the players agreed almost unanimously on a name for their Black Talon Squadron: the Corsairs. You'll even find a squadron patch on the right hand side! I'll get reports for this and the previous session written and posted within the week.

Boots and Reecie slept over after the game, and I dropped them at Chatswood on Sunday morning. On the way back home, I noticed Madam Lash was still putting some smoke out, so when I stopped at a petrol station to top her tank off (paying $1.05 per litre), I bought a bottle of Nulon Stop Smoke and dumped some into the engine; fingers crossed thatíll fix the problem.

Vickie and I spent Sunday afternoon in the garden, doing some mowing, trimming and tidying. Weíve turned the earth in our garden beds and put some new mulch down; they look a whole lot better for it.

Yesterday was World Quit Smoking Day, and Vickie decided to follow the trend; I bought her one last pack of ciggies on the way home last night. If sheís a little grouchy the next time you see her, just be extra-nice, okay?

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