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Game Dream #8: I'm Late! Rewind!

Well, now that server moves, marriages and other issues are out of the way, I can do some catching up:

    How have the games you've been involved with dealt with the passage of time? Has it been primarily linear, skipped around a lot, or even reversed?

I remember that a lot of my early games featured some of the sort of backtracking due to misinterpreted situations Mitch uses in his example, and I think a little of it happens still; Iím sure itís happened at least once in the Corsairs campaign.

Aside from that, the passage of game-time time in the Corsairs campaign has by-and-large been linear. There was that one ďin the pastĒ episode I tried last time, but from a GM perspective that wound up being something less than intended. Still, I think my players had fun anyway!

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