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Game Dream #9: Positive Reinforcement

Docs taken an introspective turn with Game Dream #9, in looking at the effect gaming has had on ones life:

    What is the most positive thing you have gained from your gaming experiences?

This ones not too hard to answer, although the first answer that comes to mind is sort of sidestepping the issue: Id say that the most positive thing Ive gained from my gaming experiences has been a damn solid group of friends. Most of them Ive met through cons, clubs, friends or RPG discussion lists on the Internet. I wouldnt trade any of them in for quids. Weve not done as much gaming as wed perhaps prefer, but its made up for by the fun we almost always have when were in the one place at the same time.

    How have games helped you with personal growth?

Games have helped me better my capacity to think on my feet and my skill in presenting to an audience, both things Ive had problems with in the past. Ive also found them to be good lessons in planning, thinking ahead and keeping a commitment for something long-term; manys the time Ive been tempted to ditch campaigns Ive been playing in the face of some seemingly-insurmountable obstacle up until a solution presented itself.

    How do you feel about your children (if any, now or in the future) eventually playing role playing games?

Speaking strictly hypothetically, Id be more than willing to encourage and join any young uns of mine in the hobby. I wouldnt try pushing the hobby on them, as from personal experience itd be a sure guarantee they wouldnt be interested. But if a child of mine ever started sneaking RPG books in brown paper bags to his room, Id probably drag my old books off the shelf, just to make him feel more comfortable.

As I wrote, the above is a hypothetical exercise; I see myself becoming a Crazy Uncle Rob instead of a Dad. :-D

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