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Last Night's CSI and Cold Case

I know, I know, I'm posting dring work hours, but this is a matter of life and death. For some reason God only knows, I set everything up last night - properly - tape was rewound, program set up, I even made sure to switch the VCR off with the remote (which is what actiates the time-record) - and still the damned VCR didn't run. I have no idea why.

As a result, Vickie missed CSI and the premiere episode of Cold Case, which she was very much looking forward to seeing. So is there any chance any of you taped them last night? If so, can I get my mitts on them ASAP, please? I can even drive around and pick them up from you tonight or tomorrow night.

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Oh honey, it's not going to hurt me to miss them. I know I was looking forward to it, but heck, these things do happen and I know you did set it up.
Is it time we got the VCR checked out?

Love you,