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Intergalactic Overlord's Advisory: Earth

As I have no doubt Gav can attest, some interesting stuff comes out of the RPG.net forums. This, unfortunately, didn't come out of a note from Gav. Instead, Bryant Durrell posted his RPG.net Thread Of The Week over on The 20' by 20' Room, a reference to a crazy RPG setting idea dubbed to by its proposer "Toonpunk".

Now, you're probably familiar with the idea of putting a cool quote in your e-mail or forum signature. Sometimes, the RPG.net folks take their quotes from other posts in the forums, and that's where I found this little gem (I confess, I assume it's a quote from a forum post and not some other source, but the way the signature is formatted makes sense) in rbingham2000's signature, credited to a gent by the name of Mark Mohrfield, that sums up Earth's place in popular science fiction very neatly:

    The Earth is the greatest repository of Bad Luck in the Universe. Even if you've been around for billions of years, this little planet will screw you up like nothing you've encountered before. Your aeons-old law enforcement organization will fold. Your loyal scouts will suddenly start deserting you like there's no tomorrow. If you eat planets, you will not be able to digest this one. The queen of your vast empire will fall for a guy from this world.

UPDATE 2.10PM: Aha! Found the source. I was right; it's another post in another RPGnet Forum thread.

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