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Stuff Happens.

Hi all. Itís been a slow posting week, I know. I can't go into detail here, so let me just say that bad news comes in threes.

Saturday night went well. Lauren enjoyed the new Battlestar Galactica more than she thought she would, and I think Jason and Christian did also. The series is going to be airing in the US in January 2005, and hopefully weíll start seeing it sometime soon after. If not, thereís always the inevitable DVD release!

The Lexicon is still ticking along well. The last turn was a little slow, with both Peg and myself not posting entries. With the Black Talon game coming up this weekend and some stress from recent events, I have the feeling Iíll be missing this turn also; trying to get the session ready for Saturday and doing an entry at the same time feels a little like pushing things uphill right now. Still, we had four full and good entries last turn.

Dan is working on the next session of Bubblegum Crisis, and looks to be setting the session up for either the first or second weekend in June. Boots is getting thoroughly stuck into his thesis (best wishes, mate, and I still have those magazines for you if you need them), so he probably wonít be able to make it. Iíve done some work on Vickieís and my characters (God love the Hero System rules), and itíll be interesting to see how they shape up. I did up a cheat-sheet for Vickie based on Bryant Durrellís introductory D&D character sheet (if thereís any system that needs a cheat sheet, itís Hero), as well as ones for both Vickie and Charisse for Black Talon.

Pierre should be back from the Sunshine Coast sometime today. Vickie managed to get tomorrow night off (she's working Friday instead), so I'll try calling him this evening before getting stuck into Wednes[DA] night to organise tomorrow.

It appears that Madam Lash's smoking problem may have been fixed. We checked her oil a couple of days ago, and she was almost totally dry. I nearly emptied our bottle of Valvoline into her, and the smoke seems to have disappeared as a result. We definitely need a new bottle of oil soon...

I think that's about it for the moment; I can always put another post up if I remember something else. In the meantime, all the best.

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