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What Would You Prefer - Yellow Spandex?

I'm sorry, I know this is posting from work, but I just had to let you all know about this thing I found during my lunch break as soon as possible. Once again, mad props go to The 20' By 20' Room for linking to a new gaming blog, Gamethink. I specifically wish to draw your attention to this posting by contributor E. Burns, where he expounds on why the character creation system for the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game City of Heroes is quite simply the best ever for any superhero RPG, whether computer or tabletop, and why it ought to be stole - (ahem) licensed by tabletop RPG companies as the character-portrait part of their computer-assisted creation programs.

You'll see my thoughts on the posting in the seventeenth comment. But look at the character pictures that E. Burns links to. Just look at them! The captions are worth the price of admission!

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