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Conversations in a 20' By 20' Room

The 20' By 20' Room has had some intersting stuff go up lately; I thought I'd commit the blogging sin of linkage and let you know. If you like what you see, or have any ideas, why not enter them into the comments of those posts? The 20' By 20" Crew encourage discussion.

  • Last month, Bryant Durrell posted a prototype introductory character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons. I'm tempted ot put something similar together for Vickie's character in Dan's Bubblegum Crisis campaign; a character sheet written in real language that, while short on detail, will give her the basics and tide her through most situations. Maybe it'd be handy for Charisse as well. GMs: Do you think it could come in handy for your campaigns?
  • This month, Neel Krishnaswami, whose brilliance in coming up with the Lexicon format is unparalleled, provides six Tricks of the Trade for Non-Player Characters. (RPG.net regulars may recognise the article from there.)
  • Jere Genest polls the readership for how they get into the mood for roleplaying each session.
  • And Bruce Baugh asks how much you're gaming nowadays as opposed to how much you used to, and how satisfying your games are.
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