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A Guilded Halo

Two interesting pieces of computer game-related news today:

  • A couple of days ago, I made mention of the Guild Wars E3 Trial. It turns out the buggers have decided to roll a day early! That's right; if you've downloaded the Guild Wars client (which is actually very small; you can even e-mail it to friends) you can log on and play the game right now! But you only have until the end of E3, so get in quick!
  • After god knows how much prevaricating, Bungie and Microsoft have finally released a date for Halo 2; the Xbox game will be in stores on November the 9th (no idea whether that's worldwide or just US). Not only that, but they're releasing the game in a limited edition metal box, with an additional DVD with making-ofs, featurettes, art galleries and other assorted stuffs. It's mine, even if I have to pre-order.
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