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September 2004 Update

Hi, everyone. Iím quite a bit overdue on a general update post; Ich bin ein slackbugger lately.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who called or wrote or dropped over or sent a card or otherwise gave emotional support over the past few weeks. Life really seems to have been dealing some body-blows lately, and we (Vickie, me, Dad, family, friends of family) have been trying to roll with them as best we can.

By and large, Vickie and I havenít been doing too much aside form working over the past few weeks. A little while ago, we went to see The Bourne Supremacy. Iíve been meaning to write a review, but in the meantime let me give you the short version: Knowing what I was in for, I enjoyed this film more than the first film, and would have thoroughly enjoyed it had it not been for the motion-sickness-inducing handheld camerawork.

With general angst a little bit behind me, I got around to knocking over the novel trilogy by polishing off the heavy fictional angst of The Bourne Ultimatum. Let me just say now that if the Bourne novels are any indication Ė them and The Parsifal Mosaic, in fact Ė Robert Ludlum loved putting his characters in the pressure cooker. I mean, seriously, the novels didnít let up until the end, sometimes not until the last ten pages!

After that, I bought Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy, the new novel written by Eric van Lustbader at the behest of the Ludlum Estate. It was an interesting read, but there was a definite difference in tone, and van Lustbaderís portrayal of Bourne is often jarringly at odds with how Ludlum wrote him. Still, it kept me interested Ė if not as hooked as Ludlumís original novels Ė to the end, which left me with a smile.

Lauren will be glad to know that I purchased The Great Book of Amber Ė all ten of Roger Zelaznyís Amber fantasy novels Ė and pretty much ploughed through it during our honeymoon. Fun, but kind of odd; never quite what I was expecting, even though Iíd picked up the general details of the Amber universe via osmosis from the RPG crowd.

Speaking of RPGs, Dan ran another session of his Bubblegum Crisis campaign last Saturday, which was fun; it looks as though the next one will probably be on Saturday week. Iíve still got to sort out whatís happening with the Corsairs Campaign; I want to get an e-mail out to my players by Saturday at least.

Also on the same topic, I happened to notice that one of Military Simulationsí current crazy specials is the entire Blue Planet v2 product line, going for $75. Itís an interesting acquisition to consider, especially as Fantasy Flight Games discontinued the line, and it might be worth a bit more than $75 on eBay in six months to a yearÖ but there are also a couple of fun-looking computer and video games on their way at the moment: Evil Genius and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. (Iím not including Halo 2 as I already have a pre-order on it.)

However, all of the above (excepting Halo 2) are on hold until after Christmas. Vickie and I are instituting a restructure of our bank accounts that will cut down on impulse spending of money that should be saved to pay off the bigger, more irregular bills (like rego and repairs, electricity, subscriptions, etcetera).

Speaking of impulse spending: in the same purchase as The Bourne Legacy, I picked up the second, third and fourth DVDs in the Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles series. Vickie and I had good fun watching through them, and Iím still looking forward to the RPG!

We also have a fair few birthdays coming up in October that weíd prefer to divert our disposable income toward. Unfortunately, weíre going to be a bit too exhausted to attend Laurenís party on Friday night, but we plan to swing by her place on Saturday and help consume the leftovers.

On the general blogging front, I know I still have to add in the rest of my absent history, especially as the activity log shows a few searches for old posts that aren't back up yet. I should have done some over the past few days while Vickie was working, but I decided to slack off instead! :-) I'll get to 'em!

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