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Upcoming R. Talsorian Auctions

Vickie and I are spenidng some time getting the computer room back into some sort of order today, and while we were (well, Vickie was) fossicking around, I started eyeing my RPG shelf, wondering if there wasn't anything else I could be rid of. As a result, I'd like to give you folks advance notice that I intend to sell most of my R. Talsorian RPG books on eBay.

These auctions will consist of:

  • CyberGeneration Collection: The complete R. Talsorian product line, including both editions of the main rules, all three Front sourcebooks (EcoFront, MediaFront and VirtualFront) and the Bastille Day adventure!
  • Cyberpunk Sourcebooks: Two classic pieces of source material for the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: the Night City Sourcebook, one of the most detailed city-settings for an RPG, with sector-by-sector notes on locations and personalities (including the full-colour, eight-panel map) and Rache Bartmoss' Guide To The Net, the posthumous memoirs of the world's greatest Netrunner, inlcuding descriptions of Net regions and city grids!
  • Mekton Zeta Core Rules: the latest version of R. Talsorian's Anime Mecha RPG, including Mekton Z, the character and basic mecha creation rules, with GM and genre notes and sample campaigns; Mekton Z Plus, the in-depth mecha creation system, allowing you to create anything from Hardsuits to Heavy Space Cruisers; the Mekton Z Tactical Display, a GM's screen complete with booklet containing errata, rules, FAQs, an adventure idea and the new, cinematic play style: Mekton Zeta The Movie; and finally, Mekton Mecha Manual Volume One (of one), the bridging product between Mekton Zeta and the previous edition, Mekton II, containing ten campaign ideas and two mecha for each (except the tenth, which has six!)

The auctions themselves won't start until closer to the middle of the month (i.e. when us hard-working permanent full-time people get paid). I'll be sure to link to them here as soon as they go up.

And while we're on the auction vein, I'd like to direct you to a successful auction of a classic 1980s air guitar. (Thanks to Wil Wheaton and TotalFark for finding this.)

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