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Guild Wars

I think some of you have already heard of Guild Wars, a new massively-multiplayer game by some of the guys who created and managed Battle.Net, the online service Blizzard uses to run Internet games of StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo. It's more of a tactical battle game than a roleplaying game, but it does look to have a certain elegant simplicity.

With this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up, the Guild Wars team are offering everyone a chance to hop into the Alpha version of the game for a few days. You have to sign in and download the client, but the client is actually a rather light downlaod; in fact, it seems the meat of the client downloads itself on the fly as needed!

The game will only be available from May 12th to 14th - so, I imagine the evening of May 12th until the evening of May 15th for us OzBods. Anyone interested?

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