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Car Trouble

Morning all! Just had to clean out four pieces of comment-spam from the archives. Wish there was some way to turn comments off on my older posts without having to go through all almost-290 of them... which reminds me, I still have about eight months of entries to go before I've brought all of my 2002 news items into Movable Type.

Had to take Madam Lash into the shop yesterday and last Friday; when she wouldn't start for Vickie in the shopping centre carpark on the 22nd, Vickie had to call NRMA Road Services, who reckoned we needed a new condenser and set of points. As Kmart was already booked until the next week, we got her in at the Bobbin Head Garage on Friday. Also, the rego check report had said she needed a new oil filler cap and PCV grommet, and that the front brake hoses were cracking. That got done at Kmart yesterday.

Lately, though, it seems the Madam has had some transmission problems; specifically, when going up a hill or around a corner, she'll slip out of gear, rev high, then lurch back in as if I'd dropped the clutch on a manual car (the Madam's automatic). It looks as though we'll need to take her to a transmission specialist, so I'll start making phone calls today and see who we can book her in with.

Anyway: Today I'm going to give the Madam a thorough wash and clean-out before we dash off to Dan and Lesley's this evening for Dan's next Bubblegum Crisis session. We'll be back there tomorrow, as they need the young 'uns babysat for the morning/afternoon; Dan's working and Lesley's going to be at the market, selling her dreamcatchers and other craft pieces.

Also, at the moment it looks like I'll have four players, including myself, for that Lexicon game. A couple of others have expressed interest, but haven't made up their mind whether they want to be in. What annoys me is that almost everyone who's been into Jake's and Robinson's lately has either ignored my posts on the subject or read them and not responded. I hope it's just because they're waiting to see how the first one turns out.

Oh, yeah: Boots, Vickie and I reckon we've found a great comedy for you. It's on Friday nights on the ABC at around ten, and it's called Posh Nosh. It's meant to be a husband-and-wife cooking show, but not only are the husband and wife filthy rich, but the husband (Richard E. Grant) is as gay as a picnic basket and the wife has no idea (seriously, in general). The dialogue is fantastic. You will love it, we're sure, probably as a send-up of the petty bourgeoisie. Heck, just go to the website; they've got RealVideo clips and all!

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