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First WAN Party [DA] A Success

WAN Party [DA] went off with nary a hitch yesterday (barring a cable drop-out or two in the afternoon/evening). It started slow, with some forgetting to set their alarm clocks and not getting up until ten, which was the start time (well, the approximate start time, anyway). Gaming started with Battlefield 1942, of course, staying mainly on the Xtra servers in New Zealand. TeamSpeak and Xfire yet again proved their usefulness as aids of team organisation, the first being extremely useful within the game and the second invaluable for getting people into the game. It was also nice to actually chat with the people I was playing with. The Cazman came along for a while before he went to work, and brought his mate SuPR@, a.k.a. The Other Rob with him.

At around one thirty things began to tail off a bit as people went to get lunch, and I used the opportunity to set the Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo up on Vickies PC. With my connection it turned out to be a rather handy dedicated server for a small volume of people. Unfortunately, we never had more than five people on we were down to myself, Boots, Gav, Dan and SuPR@ - and that made the team-based modes like Assault, Onslaught and Bombing Run rather unbalanced. Still, it was fun, and I noticed that the high-speed visuals werent making me sim-sick as I was expecting. Im thinking of investing in UT2004 before my birthday, especially as its $20 cheaper than Battlefield Vietnam at retail, but it depends on general interest within Dads Army: Id prefer to be able to play alongside/against people I know, and the [DA] crew are a pretty damned good bunch.

After a couple of hours of UT2004 Demo the same maps over and over get a little boring we switched back to Battlefield 1942. There was some talk about playing some mods fan-developed modifications to the basic Battlefield 1942 gameplay but as some of us either didnt have the mod software (and some of the mods in question were over a gigabyte to download) things started to tail off. I pretty much left when Vickie got back home from work, and Dan dropped by to pick up the Forgotten Hope total conversion mod, which Id burned onto two CDs for him. Still, wed had about six hours of gameplay. Im still trying to figure out whether it was worth the lack of exercise, but it was definitely fun, and Id like to do it again sometime.

Anyway, tomorrow night is Wednes[DA] Night, of course, so if you feel like some more Battlefield 1942 action, look for the users with the [DA] clan tag on Xfire or check out the Battlefield Australia forum.

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