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Happy Birthday 2004, Gav!

Last night, Vickie and I went to Soup Plus for an evening gig for the first time in a while - in fact, last night and Rog's farewell dinner-and-drinks late last year have been the only times Vickie and I have been to Soup Plus in the evening! The occasion was Gav's birthday party, the date and venue chosen because it was the Moods Band's monthly Friday Night Soup Plus Spectacular.

We turned up on time, and were rather surprised to find not just Gav, but Gav and Dan and Boots there before us! JP (formerly known as Baz) and Mandi's mate Kerin turned up later on, and a fun night was definitely had - helped, and I apologise to any smokers reading this, by the fact that there's no smoking in the Soup any more. Seriously, virtually any time I've been to the Soup before, the smoke has made enjoying the evening a little difficult, and its absence was definitely an asset (even if Vickie had to go up the steps once or twice for a quick ciggie, unfortunately).

I'd not actually been to a Moods gig in an little over three years, mainly as Vickie was working the Wednesday and Friday evenings when they usually play the Soup, and when the place closed in late 2002, I thought I'd lost the chance to attend a Moods gig at the Soup permanently, so although the party was for Gav, it was something ofa triple treat for me - (a) a Moods gig, (b) at the Soup and (c) introducing Vickie to the wonderment of a Moods gig at the Soup! Fans will be glad to know that the Moods were on form; great music, awful jokes.

It's interesting to note that one of the Harris Brothers - Nigel, who plays trumpet - has left the band to seek fame and fortune, and taking over from him (very capably, I might add) is Todd Hardy. Joern Harris is still there, as are Shane Cranney and Chris Perry. The Moods website still lists Duncan Archibald as being the drummer, although he was absent last night, with another drummer whose name I didn't catch filling in (I assume - no offense to the drummer who was there, but I've always liked Duncan; he was the most approachable of the band, and I appreciate how cheerful and polite he was to the person craving attention and approval that I was a few years ago).

We, of course, made sure to let the band know there was a birthday boy in the crowd - Joern kept calling Gav "Brett", though. Anyway, Joern told Brett - er, Gav - that he had to get up and do the "birthday dance" (to the tune of "Happy Birthday" Moods-style, of course), and Gav - er, Brett - grudgingly obliged. I have photos, but under threat of retribution from Gav or Brett or whoever he is, am keeping them private - for now.

Dinner was very nice, helped along by the pitchers of Hahn Premium Light that Dan and Boots splurged on, and Dan, Vickie and I had a go at Gav for buying himself one of the presents we'd originally bought for him.

Today, we're relaxing and recovering, saving up all the housework for Anzac Day (as a sort of remembrance to the fallen, I suppose; no slouching on Anzac Day, lads). I picked up Vickie's pre-order of the Love, Actually DVD (which came with the DVD of Four Weddings and a Funeral as a pre-order bonus) and we'll probably watch it this evening. Monday, of course, is the big Dad's Army WAN Party. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

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