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Youíve most likely noticed that Iíve not really done much posting over the past few weeks. With all the recent pressures, Iíve been in something of a funk when it came to sitting down in front of my computer and hitting the keys. Sometimes, Iíve felt that Iíve not had anything in particular to say; at others, Iíve just not been able to stand the sight of my keyboard. A colleague at my first IT job told me once that he couldnít stand computers, that he avoided them. Recently, Iíve actually started understanding his viewpoint.

Since our wedding, Vickie and I have been hoping for a little us-time so that we can just settle into being a married couple. Unfortunately, life seems to have had other plans. The most recent crisis has just settled down somewhat, but itís got to the point that weíre starting to seriously consider getting the heck out of Sydney and moving to Cairns. Itís pretty much reliant on me finding a decently paying job up there, and weíve not had much luck so far. Weíve missed the birthdays of my great-aunt and uncle, mainly because weíve just not felt like bearing my family Ė not exactly the most sympathetic attitude on my part, considering the loss of my Mum, but then again, none of them have been in any particular hurry to keep in touch with us.

Weíre slowly easing into our new banking arrangements, and we havenít quite been able to put away as much as weíd hoped over the past couple of weeks Ė in fact, weíve had to do some more juggling in order to get the major bills paid Ė but thankfully I get paid on Friday, so we should be okay after that.

I'm still running behind on uploading the old posts. Also, I've had a request or two for the re-establishment of the Wiki, but unfortunately our webmaster is holidaying in Vietnam at the moment, and as I wouldn't know how to handle the server back-end, it'll have to wait until he gets back. I've also been falling behind on Doc's Game Dreams - must catch up on those sometime.

Changing the subject, Iíve been playing through more of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox lately. Iíd got stuck at one particular point a while ago and left the game aside, but not long ago decided to have another stab at it. Now (with a little help from Dan) Iím pretty close to the end of the campaign, and I tell you what: all those comments I read about the plot of Knights of the Old Republic being better than the Prequel Trilogy are pretty much on the mark. It even has a twist worthy of Star Wars. I canít wait to see how it ends, and Iíd like to play it through again Ė and I canít wait for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. It looks as though it may well be an all-round improvement on the original.

I also did something potentially very publicly silly recently. Some of you know this dark secret; the rest of you will have to wait and see Ė or perhaps not.

Oh, and go see Wimbledon sometime. Itís another Working Title romatic comedy, true, but itís got Paul Bettany as the leading man, and what can we say but about bloody time!

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