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End of the Campaign - and possibly an Era

My players already know this, but a couple of days ago, I decided to close the Corsairs Campaign down. It's been disappointing for my players and I, but with the pressures of late, I didn't see it continuing intact.

The campaign may have not been long for the world anyway. As I said in last blog post, with recent events Vickie and I have got rather sick and tired of Sydney. Yesterday, I found out that my manager, who has been long overworked and underpaid with little sign of reprieve, has finally decided to resign from her position. This on top of everything else has stopped Vickie and I from just talking about going back to Cairns; we've actually started to plan.

I'm not sure how long it'll be before we finally make the move, but we figure I've got better odds of finding a job in Cairns if I'm actually there to be interviewed.

We've made a good home at Fraser Road for over three years, and we've been glad to welcome our friends here - but we see TV shows talking about cancer caused by microparticulates in diesel fumes and realise we live right next to a main truck route. We read about the drop in water levels and realise Sydney might become a dust-bowl in the next couple of years. We feel our jobs drive us up the wall and realise that we're not likely to get any kind of raise that'll allow us to keep up with the rising cost of living in Sydney, let alone allow me to accomplish my dream of being able to support both of us on my income alone. We watch this city chew people up and spit them out, and realise the only way to get ahead in its rat race is to become a rat yourself. We see what rats do to other people in order to stay ahead, and realise that's not what either of us wants to become.

The only thing we really don't like is that, while we'll keep in touch, we won't be able to see our good friends much any more; even now we don't see them as often as we'd like. And that thought hurts - but Vickie and I don't see any other way to keep our health and our sanity.

It's time we got out of here.

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