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Hat Trick - The Computer Is My Friend

After the downer that was the last post I made, I thought I'd let you all in on some good news I discovered this morning. With everything that's happened lately, I decided to take advantage of the company's employee assistance service, which meant visiting the counselling firm's office in the city. after the session, I decided to quickly nip into Games Paradise (I figure a little browsing now and again is good for the soul).

On the New Release shelf, they had a copy of Paranoia XP. Although I'd sold off all my Second Edition gear, I'm still interested in the game generally (and there was the idea that part of the proceeds from the sale could go toward XP), even to the point of contributing the odd comment on Greg Costikyan's Paranoia XP web log (lead writer Allen Varney even called a particular contribution of mine "a cut-and-paste keeper for the new playtest draft"). So I thought I'd pick it up and have a flip-through.

Eventually, though, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check the Credits page - and sure enough, there in the "Valued Service to The Computer" list, is the name of yours truly.

I am well chuffed! So chuffed in fact that I immediately laid the copy by in preparation for Friday's pay-day.

"But what's the hat trick?" I hear you ask. Simple, my friends: This is the third official, printed RPG product I've had my name in. The other two were Bubblegum Crisis: Before & After and Bubblegum Crisis: EX.

I doth rock! Bow ye before me, o assembled several of my gaming community, for I am the most rockin'est guy you have ever seeneth! :-D

(By the way, Rog: You're in pretty cool with the Mongoose Publishing boys and girls. Can you give them all a big we sloppy kiss for me, please?)

UPDATE 14 October: I am now the proud owner of a copy of Paranoia XP, andf my contribution did indeed make it all the way from playtest draft to publishing with just a little editorial tweaking; it's that natty bit of dialogue that runs from the bottom of the left column to the top of the middle one on page 87. Yippee!

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You most certainly Rock.
In Fact, you win the Rockiest person award this week!
(And that's considering that Donald Trump was here yesterday giving a motivational lecture... You definatly rock more than him...)

In ase you were wondering, ladies and gentlemen, Lauren was the one who actually told me that I rock when I first called her with the news. So if you want to blame someone for the ego-trip of thelast couple of lines before the update in my post, it's her!