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Moving Sale: Geek Stuff Galore!

After deciding that a move to Cairns was to be more than just talk, the first thing Vickie and I needed to determine was the “when”. The main limit is the tenants at our place in Gordonvale; we need them out, of course, before we can move in. Our paperwork tells us we have to give two months’ notice to our tenants, and we think we need to do some planning and organization before we take that step, so that puts our move up to Cairns in mid-January.

So with moving on our minds, we’re starting to look around our possessions here at Fraser Road with an eye toward deciding what will come with us and what can be sold or disposed of (mainly because it will be too costly to move, but also because we likely won’t need it). We’d prefer to actually sell; Vickie’s going to be emptying her super to pay for the move and the required renovations when we get there (considering the state of the place at our last inspection in January, the existing tenants will doubtlessly be leaving the place in a shambles).

In terms of housewares, we’re going to be selling things like our column heater, which will be mostly useless in Cairns, and the odd bit of furniture; we’re looking at buying a new set of chairs (and possibly a table), so the old ones can go afterward.

But most of my readers will probably be wondering what geek stuff we’ll be parting ways with. Let’s face it; there’s not likely to be a huge gaming scene in Cairns, and I’ve not used half my game stuff on a regular basis while I’ve been here anyway. I’ll probably put what I want to be rid of up on eBay in mid-November or early December (for Christmas presents and the like), but if you’d like to make me an offer now, please get in touch.

So, what do I want to flog? For starters, my two boxed sets worth of Necromunda gear and miniatures; in fact, all my miniature-related stuff, including paints and brushes, can go. I’ve not even used them since Vickie and I moved in together, so what are the odds I’ll use them in Cairns? Along similar lines is the short-lived White Wolf miniatures game, Trinity: Battleground. My Crimson Skies Clix kit – the rules set, the Fortune Hunters Squadron and the Aces Nathan Zachary and Maria Sanchez – will also be up for grabs. Plus, I have those two 3’ by 4’ miniature game boards (painted green on one side and grey on the other) that will need a good home.

In terms of RPGs, I’m finally getting serious about selling my CyberGeneration stuff. Also going are my Shatterzone and Cyborg Commando boxed sets, my two Amazing Engine settings (Bughunters and Once & Future King) and Palladium Books’ Systems Failure (with the Claustrophobia module I wrote for the game and ran at Necronomicon 2000 thrown in). Plus, there’s the more oddball stuff like Legacy: War of Ages (which I’d probably give away; it’s not really worth paying for), the Lawnmower Man RPG, Traveller: The New Era and some older BattleTech kit (including the original 3050 Tech Readout which introduced the Clan OmniMechs, but still has the original BattleTech ‘Mechs that disappeared after litigation). There’s also my copy of the limited edition Aeon rulebook – that funky black plastic-covered one with the red spiral-bind. You know, the one that came out just before MTV told White Wolf to change the game’s name as it violated MTV's copyright on Aeon Flux, and it became Trinity (White Wolf must have been pissed when The Matrix was released; they’d just cleared up any confusion with one black-clad, athletic sci-fi heroine only to have it confused with another).

Other geek-stuff I’m looking to be rid of includes my huge collection of NetRunner collectible card game cards that has just gathered dust since – well, since Wizards of the Coast canned the line due to unpopularity. I also have several comic lines I don’t collect any more (Azrael, Iron Man) or were canned (Ghost Rider: 2099, Weapon Zero) or were limited editions anyway (DC Comics’ Tangent line from the late nineties). If anyone would also like my collection of Wing Commander computer games (I-IV plus Privateer and Prophecy) please let me know; you’ll need a legacy PC to run them (the first game is on 5.25” floppies), and even Prophecy doesn’t really like Windows XP. Other games to go include Aliens Versus Predator (FPS), Blade Runner (Adventure), Ground Control (RTS), Half-Life Game of the Year Edition (FPS), StarLancer (space-flight sim; the spiritual successor to Wing Commander and a prequel to Freelancer) and Tribes 2 (multiplayer online FPS) plus Prima Games' Tribes 2 Strategy Guide.

We’ll also go through our book collection and see what we’ve read to death and don’t want any more; expect a list of goodies in the next month or two.

All proceeds of sale go toward the Help Rob & Vickie Move to Cairns and Fix Their Place Up Fund.

Another important thing: Stuff we’ve borrowed from people and ought to jolly well give back before we move. Boots, I know I still have your dentist’s pick that you loaned me back when I thought I was going to be modifying everyone’s Heavy Gear miniatures for the Black Talon Campaign, and Gav, I still have that Citadel Miniatures putty. Actually, everyone who plunked down your hard-earned to buy a miniature for the campaign (Boots, Gav, Dan, Mandi and, I think, Altin) should absolutely have those back from me (as I’m even less likely to be doing anything with them in Cairns) with my apologies that they never wound up getting used.

Have we borrowed anything from you that we've forgotten? (And have you borrowed anything from us that you've forgotten?)

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Im pretty sure you have one or 2 adventure type games of mine. Not sure which ones...
Longest Journey? Runaway? Riddle of the Sphinx 2?
Lesure Suit Larry Archives? Grim Fandango? - I know I've lent them all out, but I don't know where...

Me is very intrested in your paints and brushes... Can I discuss an offer at a later date?

Also, my box scab is going well. I'm planning on dropping them over sometime Saturday afternoon. I've got a lunch with my sister in Hornsby, and a Birthday Party in Marrickville at 6pm, so I'll drop them off on the way through. If you aren't home I'll leave them in a dry spot, yeah?