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Goddamn Right Ear.

Hi, everyone! Another week and I’m overdue on another update; once again, the web page looks wonky. So what’s been going on? A few ups and downs. Let’s start on an “up”, with Thursday.

Gav is a common poster on a segment of the RPGnet Forums called Tangency; basically home to discussion of anything and everything not specifically RPG-related. (I think it was there he picked up on Firefly.) Also a regular poster is a gentleman by the name of Steve Darlington, a Brisbane resident who happens to be a mad gamehead. He’s held in high regard by the RPGnet crew and the RPG community in general; until recently, he edited the online gaming ‘zine Places To Go, People To Be and wrote his own free roleplaying game, There Is No Spoon, set in the world of The Matrix (which many have gone ga-ga over). Myself, I reckon he’s a wizard at deconstructing items of popular culture – specifically movies – to find their tropes and how to best incorporate them into a roleplaying game; his rules for Deals and Fates in There Is No Spoon and his notes on how to bring that Star Wars flavour into your Star Wars RPG sessions in Issue 22 of Places To Go, People To Be are prime examples.

Anyway, a little while ago he announced he was heading down to Sydney for a week and wanted to hook up with as many Tangency-ites as possible. He managed to scrape together three: Gav, myself and Belinda (whom I think I recognise from the Sydney RPG con scene). We had a pleasant dinner at the Normanhurst Pizza Café, discussing games, Cairns, popular culture and the like, then rocked back to my place for a little of Gav’s Star Munchkin.

There was talk of Steve turning up to the planned Firefly Day on Saturday, but as he was getting back from the Jenolan Caves that afternoon, he wasn’t sure whether he’d be too buggered to turn up. In the end, as we had so few people coming along, and as Vickie and I were going to be heading into Bondi that morning to pick up some chairs we’d bought on eBay, I canned the Firefly Day. (I also got snippy with Sim for what I thought was double-booking, when we’d actually never firmed up her coming over here; for some odd reason, her e-mail account doesn’t seem to like messages from the IMAGinewS group. I made sure to apologise.)

My right ear has been giving me trouble again since the middle of the week, and on Friday afternoon it plugged up, so I left work early. I nipped out in the evening to get some food and some videos for Vickie and I, and on coming home from one of those trips, I managed to put a nasty dent in the car’s right rear wheel’s fender while coming into our awkward driveway. We can’t afford to get it fixed right at the moment, so we’ll get it done when we get to Cairns (where it’s likely to be quite a lot cheaper).

[CAUTION: Too Much Information Warning! Please skip ahead to the next paragraph if unfortunate bodily functions disturb!] At the moment, the ear is still giving me grief. It's had repeated treatments of Waxsol and peroxide, and although we've got heaps of gunk out of my ear, there seems to be a hard chunk that refuses to move; it's quite painful. I'll probably be off to see the doctor tomorrow, see if I can get it cleared.

Vickie and I made the aforementioned trip to Bondi yesterday morning, sweating for a good quarter of an hour to fit six high-backed chairs into the back of the car. We spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning the cushions and polishing the wood, although there seem to be some stains that unfortunately refuse to come out. Also, the chairs are still a bit too low for our table, so we’re thinking of selling the table and getting something new (before we leave or after we get to Cairns, I’m not sure)

Sim and Jason dropped over during the afternoon; as Sim works as a dockmaster, she has a nigh-unlimited supply of boxes, some of which she’s donating to our cause. We also managed to show them the first half of “Serenity”, the pilot episode of Firefly, and they’re definitely hooked – especially as we stopped it right on the cliff-hanger mystery!

A while after they left, Gav dropped over for a few hours. We finally got to show him the rest of Equilibrium, which he liked.

Oh, yeah, that’s right: those DVDs I got out from the video store. They were the Disney animated film Brother Bear, which we watched on Friday night and found most enjoyable, and the British comedy/true story Calendar Girls last night, which was hilarious.

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