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Rob & Vickie’s Infamous Christmas Party 2004

Well, as we’re now precisely two months away from the Big Event, I think it’s time to answer the queries (all one of them) we’ve had about this year’s Christmas party. As we’re buggering off to Cairns in mid-January, and are probably going to be busy with packing and sorting in the weeks in between, we figure on making the party a combined Christmas/going-away function (yes, we’ve had someone else ask us about a going away party, too).

So, as we know how long it takes you lot to get organised [ ;-) ], we’ve set the date of our Christmas party for Saturday, December the 18th. That puts it precisely a week after Macquariecon XX, so we won’t be conflicting with your gaming schedules. We’ll be sending official invitations a month beforehand, but please pencil it on your calendars.

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- I'm not working that Saturday!