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The Strangerhood

Ever wondered whether the Rooster Teeth guys could put something other than Red Vs. Blue together? Well, guess what? They have. It's called The Strangerhood, and it's made using The Sims 2. The first episode, "Why Are You Here?", is now available for download. It gets off to an ever-so-slightly slow start, but you'll find the Rooster Teeth humour there in spades (although without any swearing). Nico Audy-Roland, the composer of the RvB theme tune and incidental music, is also back, providing an up-tempo pop-rock soundtrack for this teen-soap-opera-styled series.

Furthermore, the Rooster Teeth guys have re-established the sponsorship system under the new website design. You can only donate $10 at the moment, but that gives you access to the Hi-Res versions of the episodes (when they become available). I suppose Super Sponsorship is going to be available later; either that, or you'll just have to pay for the DVD at the end of the season like everyone else (which is cool; I like the idea that my donation is going straight into defraying server costs). You'll need to create a login for their new website, if you haven't already.

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