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My Wonderful Wife.

Late last week, I realised once again what a wonderful woman I married.

You see, Vickie has been doing most of the work leading up to our move. She’s organised the notice to her tenants, she’s made lists of stuff to go and to be sold, she’s even hit job sites looking for something for me. On top of all of this, though, she’s also gone searching for gamers in Cairns whom we could hook up with.

So far, we’ve had sporadic luck. A website Vickie found for a Cairns-based group turned out to have not been updated since 2001, and the author has since moved back down to Melbourne and started an SF web comic. However, we’ve sent her an e-mail in the hope that she can hook us up with any of her mates who might still be up there. (Fingers crossed.)

Vickie also found a site for the Far North Queensland Gamers’ League. It seems more computer/video gaming oriented, but geeks tend to cross-pollinate, so I might give it a whirl anyway. (At the very least, I may be able to hook up with Halo 2 players in Cairns.)

So yes, I have a wonderful wife who’s always thinking of wonderful things to do for me.

As for me, I keep spending our money on myself. :-D

I must also give mad props to Gav, who’s done something quite similar over on the RPG.net Tangency forum.

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I'd love to check out what Gav's been up to, but I'm not a member of RPG.net Tangency, so they won't let me in to read it.

BTW, thank you for letting me know how much you appreciate me. I promise I'll be human again once the moving date is set in stone!
I'm sorry my temper sometimes matches my hair. Still, we've not yet had a fight, so it can't be too bad!LOL
All my love,