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What's The Sims (2) For You?

Now, I'd say most of you know that I'm not really a The Sims guy. I bought SimCity 3000 at one point in the vain hope of rekindling my old addiction to the original SimCity, and I enjoy the odd eighteen holes (both building and playing) of SimGolf. But the thought of The Sims never really did it for me. I think I found the general idea a little too daytime soap opera for my tastes.

It's also interesting to note that Boots tried to get Vickie into The Sims at one point, but she found its brand of up-close-and-personal control of a bunch of virtual people rather voyeuristic and control-freaky. Of course, she always used to get upset whenever I spanked my monkey.

In Black & White, you dirty-minded sods!

But I must confess, all of a sudden I've started getting a litle interested in buying a copy of The Sims 2. I chalk it up to The Strangerhood; the idea of making movies within The Sims 2 is a tempting one (I've also been keeping half an eye on Peter Molyneux's The Movies for the past while).

So I thought I'd just ask a general question of the IMAGinewS crew, at least those of you that own or have played The Sims in one or more of its various incarnations: I know it's the most popular computer game ever, but what about The Sims does it for you, personally?

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