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Firefly on Australian TV!

"Time for some thrilling heroics..."
- Jayne, "The Train Job"

Had a phone call from Dan earlier on; seems he was looking through the TV guide earlier today when he chanced to come upon Firefly screening past midnight on our very own Channel 7!

The NineMSN TV Guide and Channel 7's guide has it at 1 AM Wednesday. The episode is "The Train Job", the second pilot for the show, so if you've not seen Firefly and you feel like staying up, I heartily encourage you to experience it!

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Stay up?
I was busy stealing research machine, training minions, building laborotory, re-designing my plantroom...

I got more boxes for you...

Don't pay for cartons, pop into the city around 8pm and come get some... We have tenants moving, and they are throwing lots out! plus the usual array of photocopy boxes, archive boxes, produce boxes, computer boxes... listy listy!