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You Can't Take Our House From Me

Earlier today, Vickie called me at work and asked, "So what're we going to call our house?"

Now in all our preparations for moving, that's one of the things I'd simply not thought of. After all, 32 Fraser Road doesn't have a particular name.

Vickie says, "It's got to have 'Cottage' in it somewhere."

So I furrow my brow, then reply, "Well, the first thing that comes to mind is what our friends tell us, that they come here for some peace and quiet. That gives me 'Sanctuary Cottage' and 'Peace House', but the former sounds like a retirement village/resort, and the latter is a little too hippie and definitely too blunt."

And then Vickie surprises me by saying, "What about Serenity?"

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Very Apt...
Was about to suggest it, then read the bottom of the post...

So does this mean we'll have to stage the Battle of Serenity Valley in your backyard? :)

As long as it's the Barley Townswomen's Guild re-enactment, sure! :-D

Um, hi. Sorry for barging in here--I googled my way to this blog by accident, looking to buy Netrunner cards for a friend.

I presume you got rid of them before the move, right?

Could you email me, if not?

Glad the move went well.