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Nothing More to Confess

A bit of bad news today. Mitch Evans, the Doc who owns and operates Docs Blog: Confessions of a Game Addict, has decided to close his web log down. I've been finding less and less enthusiasm for the blog, he writes. I have a high article to response ratio. That tells me that the topics I cover must be a bit off-target... Talking to myself isn't what I had in mind. :)

Mitch goes on to write, If there's anything you would like to keep, I suggest you archive it now.

Im sorry to see the blog go, although I must admit, Ive not participated in at least the last ten Game Dreams Mitch posted. Still, I can understand Docs reasons for shutting the blog down. My ongoing, if sporadic, posting to and development of my web log is a tad more narcissistic; I can cruise along on the gratification of seeing my words up on the web, even if no one reads them (feedback is always great, though).

It seems as though a lot of people are going through something of a transition period at the moment; segments of their lives are coming to an end, suddenly or otherwise, and they're taking stock and either making changes or trying to figure out how to ride the changes that are being made to and around them. It's always a sad time; the familiar is either gone or slowly changing into something unfamiliar.

Still, every change brings something new; every ending is a beginning. Mitch himself writes, "I've decided to put the $40 per month I use to keep the blog and storage areas up to better use." Whether it'll be on something else web-related, I'm not sure, but if it is, I look forward to seeing it (at the very least, he's becoming quite involved with his StumbleUpon photo weblog). In the meantime, Ill be sure to archive the Game Dreams before they disappear.

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Jesus, is it gone already? That's sad...

Bloody hell, it is too! And I hadn't archived those Game Dreams yet!

Oh, well. That'll teach me to act promptly...