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Vipers, Clear To Launch On Ten

Okay, so Vickie and I were watching the Australian Idol Grand Finale this evening. We've been enjoying this year's competitin, and have been pretty much behind Anthony Callea ever since he knocked both our socks off by performing The Prayer as his Idol's Choice. (I wish I had a voice like that.) All our best to Casey Donovan, though, and frankly, considering her talent, hers is a well-deserved win.

But anyway, the last commercial break before The Big Announcement is made, Channel Ten puts on its "Big Event TV 2005" ad, and in amongst the announcements of next year's Big Brother (does anyone really need to ask why I don't believe in an omnipotent and omnibenevolent god) and Australian Idol (and this new talent show, The X Factor) they not only announce that there's going to be an ongoing series of The 4400 (not entirely surprising, as the miniseries did wrap with this very "it's really a pilot" feel), but...



Yes, I am fucking stoked.

UPDATE February 11th, 2005: So: First half of the mini was tonight. Who watched? And who'll be back for the second half tomorrow?

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Thanks the Gods that free to air is Nation wide. I could just see the performance if it was only on in southern states! LOL

Your ever-loving (and long suffering) wife...who knows BSG practically word for word and feels capable of helping Josh write an episode of Firefly!) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX