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Meet Memento Mori

I just got back in from a quick after-work trip to Cammeray to meet with none other than Jared A. Sorensen, the demented genius behind Memento Mori Theatricks and his lovely wife Rebecca. They were out here to catch up with Rebecca's extended Australian family, and were able to spare an hour and a half to catch up with the RPGnet Forum Memento Mori Sydney Posse - which turned out to be just myself and Ken Finlayson.

It was a very pleasant couple of hours. Jared's a witty and intelligent bloke, as is Rebecca (well, except the bloke bit). We talked geek culture, elections, RPGs, spousal co-op computer gameplay. Turns out that not only has Jared worked at LucasArts (bastard), but he was also involved in the production of Neverwinter Nights (double bastard). He also managed to convert Rebecca to gaming, and she's volunteered to be the Memento Mori Booth Babe for the upcoming GenCon SoCal in Anaheim. (He encouraged us to come along to a GenCon sometime, but Vickie and I don't feel particularly safe in visiting America consindering the current US administration - we'll give it another four years before we start planning a visit.)

Not only did Jared sign my copies of InSpectres and octaNe, but he and Rebecca gave us a lift from Cammeray back to North Sydney train station, something they didn't have to do (I don't think we'd've had too long to wait for a bus), especially considering they'll be spending tomorrow hurriedly packing for their seventeen-hour flight to Frisco via LA.

I also have photos! They're a little on the grainy side, unfortunately.

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You met Jared? Wow, very nice! Thanx for the pics!