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15 Questions on Gaming

Matt Snyder has got on what he calls an "RPG Meme Bandwagon" and posted fifteen gaming-related questions on his LiveJournal. I found out thanks to Ginger Stampley and the 20' By 20' Room, and, as may well be obvious, I decided to answer them myself.

1. What is the first RPG you ever played?
The Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Red Box) with two friends from high school (Year 7) - specifically, EvilHayama and the Cazman. The solo adventure in the Playerís Handbook gave me the impression that these roleplaying games I'd heard about for ages were just more ďFighting FantasyĒ-type things - until Hayama put a couple of grid-paper dungeons together and DMed the Cazman and I through them. Interestingly enough, I'm the only one of the three of us who got seriously into RPGs. (Cazman turned into a Battletech nut for a while, but the complexity killed it for the rest of us.)

2. What RPG do you currently play most often?
Most recently, my wife and I have been playing in a Bubblegum Crisis game using the Hero System. Thatís sort of ground to a halt over the last few months due to real life issues.

3. What is the best system you've played?
You know, Iíve not done as much playing as I have GMing Ė so Iím actually tempted to say D&D Third Edition. Of all the systems Iíve played in the past few years (which arenít many), itís the one I think I like the best.

4. What is the best system you've run?
Iíve tried running a Heavy Gear campaign over the last couple of years, but Iím starting to develop a distaste for rules crunch or anything else that slows things down as a GM. So I'm tending more toward Jared Sorensen's iSystem games (InSpectres, octaNe) nowadays.

5. Would you consider yourself an: Elitist/ Min-Maxer/ Rules Lawyer?
Elitist, I think Ė Iím a bit of a snob when it comes to who I game with.

6. If you could recommend a new RPG which would you recommend? Why?
Paranoia XP. It mightnít be a ďnewĒ game, but itís the latest edition, it's got my name in it and frankly, I think it has some of the best GM advice ever. I'd also like to pick up Primetime Adventures sometime soon, so I'd definitely recommend it if only to get some players in.

7. How often do you play?
We used to aim for once a month, but over the past year weíve been lucky to get together to game once every couple of months.

8. What sort of characters do you play? Leader? Follower? Comic Relief? Roll-Player/ Role-Player?
I think I like the leader role; I like making decisions and actin upon them without too much sitting around and talking.

9. What is your favorite Genre for RPGs?
Like the rest of my life, Science Fiction with Big Machines.

10. What Genres have you played in?
Science fiction, fantasy, supers, with a dash of horror and cyberpunk. A little more action-adventure/comedy lately.

11. Do you prefer to play or GM? Do you do both?
GMing, really, although I do indeed do both.

12. Do you like religion in your games?
If it adds depth, motivation and conflict without players using it as an excuse for munchkinism, absolutely. Few of my players do, though Ė Sydney roleplayers seem to be a fairly militant atheistic/agnostic bunch.

13. Do you have taboo subjects in your games or is everything "fair game"?
I like my games to be PG-rated overall, more in terms of PC activity than session content. I do prefer straight-up, action-adventure-style conflict and problem solving over angst and the dark side of human nature, which usually rules out potentially taboo subject matter.

14. Have you developed your own RPG before?
Made a half-arsed attempt at a Monty Python RPG in high school with some mates, biut that's pretty much it.

15. Have you ever been published in the Gaming Industry? If so... what?
Sort of. Iíve had a couple of bits of mine show up in gaming product; one being the Sydney section in Bubblegum Crisis: EX, and the other being the character dialogue on page 87 of Paranoia XP.

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