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Mutant Experience Fortune Cookies

Over on Greg Costikyan's Paranoia XP web log, Allen Varney is asking for "fortune cookies" - those little one-line quotes that appear on the bottom-right corner of almost every right-hand page in Paranoia XP - for the next supplement, The Mutant Experience. If your forune cookie gets published, and you provide your real name, Allen will "do [his] best to list it in the credits of the supplement". Get in quick; Allen's given a deadline of Monday, November 29th.

Speaking of caption competitions, the Halo 2 comp has been running for a week now, and I've only received two entries! Come on, people! Where's your creativity? Your wit? Your greed for free stuff?!?!?

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my LJ Rocks!


Do I get another entry because I'm funneling traffic to your site?

Heh heh! That's te second time you've asked, Lozz! The answer's still "No!" :-P


Dibbler's a person!!
...just ask him!

(or have I used that one already?)

Quit talking and put an entry in! :-D

Have done.
Last week.

Housework? - did you get it?

Hil, Lozz,

No, it didn't come through. Try re-sending it.