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Damn You, Murphy!

The Battlefiled 1942.au segment of the IMAGinewS Group isn't having much luck at the moment. Last night, the new power supply had arrived and I was trying to get it into Vickie's PC, get her settings, documents, e-mail history, favourites and applications transferred over/re-installed (don't anyone mention the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to me; every time I tried to extract the image of Vickie's PC I'd created with it, it "encountered a problem and had to close"), get the 'Net connection up and then, maybe, get a game of Battlefield 1942 in afterward. Trust me, Hell hath no fury like a grumpy Vickie without a PC. Not good for our Rob. ;-)

It was something like 10.30 before I had Vickie's PC in something closely resembling operating status. Gav had dropped over earlier to pick up his RvB DVD, and was back home spoiling for a game. Dan was also keen to connect up. However, for some unknown reason, Dan's installation of BF42 refused to go looking for a list of servers, even with his firewall turned off. By the time we gave up on it and I sent Gav an e-mail (that place he's sharing with EvilHayama must be smack in the middle of a Vodafone blackspot or something; I can barely ever reach him on his mobile when he's there), he was ready to crash out.

I figured I'd catch up with Gav this morning, so I e-mailed him again - and the tray of his CD/DVD drive had chosen this very morning to stick open. Even if he closed it manually, it'd pop back open again. Battlefield 1942 needs one of the game discs in an optical drive before it will let you play it.

And to top it all off, Boots has buggered off to Byron Bay. He'll be back sometime next Friday, I think.


Gav's going to have to call Dell and get their "next business day" onsite response. Then again, he's making noises about an upgrade, so it might be a bit longer before his machine is back in business...

Maybe I'll be able to hook up with the Cazman, if I'm lucky.

I've been getting some action in, though, on the OzForces.com Battlefield 1942 server ( It's pretty good; a nice low ping and a decent crowd of gamers.

Vickie and I are going to dash up to the Central Coast tomorrow; we have a long-overdue Christmas present to give to some relatives up there.

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