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Very Very Fright'ning

This may be the understatement of the month, but the Sydney skies havenít half been nasty lately, have they? We already had to miss out on the Noodle Markets with Boots last week, and it hasnít been an evening at home in the past ten days without at least a little thunder.

Vickie and I have been up to stuff, as usual. Iíd like to point you at Vickieís website, where she has some nifty new pieces of jewellery up for your browsing pleasure. And if one (or more) of them take your fancy, why not drop her an e-mail and ask how much sheís willing to part with them for?

Iím still working on Vickieís PC. Iíve noticed that itís not restarting properly; when Windows shuts down, the PC sits there rather than rebooting. Also, it seems to be not quite performing right when I connect up the front USB and audio ports with the new hard drive in. I have the feeling it may be power related, so Iíve bought a 400-Watt power supply unit which will go into Vickieís PC tonight.

There may be some movement on the Black Talon front soon. I donít want to say any more for fear of jinxing things, but I thought Iíd give you a heads-up. On the topic of Heavy Gear, Iím also thinking about assembling musical playlists, much as I did for octaNe. Of course, the musicíll be quite different from the playlists for octaNe, which are assorted rock Ďní roll. Tracks from the Heavy Gear computer game CDs ought to give it a failry good orchestral, martial action backbone, but itís tempting to aim for a non-English, almost tribal motif. Some of the tracks from Halo and Homeworld2 leap readily to mind, but I donít think Sierra have published a soundtrack album for Homeworld2, and Iím worried about recognition with Halo.

As a lot of the action in the first few sessions will probably take place in the Badlands, something written for deserts would be nice Ė the soundtracks for the movie and the SciFi Channel miniseries incarnations of Dune come to mind. Iím less worried about the North or South, as I have the feeling the players wonít be spending too long in either. Future playlists are for the Caprician highlands (again, desert, but darker, with a tribal theme for the Liberati) and Gomorrah (something fast-paced and urban).

With all this thought about playlists, Iím working on an article for RPGnet about using them. Iím hoping to address some of the usual issues Iíve seen people take with the idea and execution of music in gaming, rather than the almost-ubiquitous "tracks for genres" list. I have a fair few notes together, and theyíre taking shape into an article, but they need some more hashing out first. I ought to e-mail Sandy and ask whether heíd be interested in it.

Well, Iíve watched the Red Vs. Blue Season 1 DVD through, and itís interesting to see the changes theyíve made. The basic series material is largely intact, although theyíve done away with most of Sargeís impromptu rambles at the end of some episodes. The Microsoft PDC public service announcement is also absent, which is a bugger Ė I suppose it was either left out due to space constraints, or they couldnít get away with charging money for something with footage from a Microsoft presentation in it. On the other hand, it has some pretty funny line recording session out-takes, and itís interesting to see the number of times they tried to get certain stunts right.

Gavís dropping over this evening to pick his DVD up, and if Iím lucky, I might be able to get some more Battlefield 1942 action in. Gav, Dan and I tried to hook up last night, but it ended in disaster Ė Dan needed the v1.5 patch, which was taking ages to download at his end, and I was SMSing Gav until his mobile reception suddenly cut off. I wound up playing a couple of games on the OzForces server.

Hereís hoping the lightning doesnít move in againÖ

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