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Teh Sh0pp1ng

Yesterday Vickie's PC started acting... weird. It sort of shut itself down, and only hitting the reset button got it working again (that's why I say sort of - had it actually shut itself down, the Power button should bring it back up, not Reset). This morning, I powered it up so that I could log on - and for some unknown reason, it stopped sending data to the screen. The little green power light turned orange, and no matter what I did with the keyboard or mouse, it wouldn't go green again. I wound up holding down the power switch so it would power down, and when it resterted, there were no problems.

I've been meaning to get Vickie a new hard drive for a while (her 20GB is running dangerously low on free space, even the defrag tool's complaining), and as it turns out this month is a regular, two rent payment month (February's going to be the triple-hit), I'm finally going to get around to it - and buy her a new case.

I was tempted to get Vickie a Shuttle XPC kit like I've been talking about since my last big upgrade, but we really can't afford it right now - besides, I have the feeling that the new case, which will have much better airflow than her current one, and a cleanup and dustoff of the parts when I transfer them between cases, will pretty much lick the problem.

And it leaves me some cash to pick Battlefield 1942 Reload for the PC and/or Burnout 2 for the Xbox up this month.

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