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Galactica Day, Take 2

Well, I now own the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries on DVD; nipped down to HMV the day of its release and snapped up a copy before they'd had the chance to put it in the store shelf!

So, the last time I ried to organise a screening, I know I had expressions of interest from SimLauren, Trent, Dan and Christian (even if to do the tortured martyr bit). Would you guys still be keen if I organised it for, say, the evening of Saturday, May 22nd? Anyone else I've forgotten? Anyone else intereted, or changed their minds? Gav? Boots? We can always watch some Red Vs Blue as well - well, if Trent brings my DVD back! ;-D

Oh, yeah, by the way, Christian: Have you heard? Richard Hatch, the original Captain Apollo, will be guest-starring in the new series!

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